Day Limited Warranty Capcom Game Paks


Capcom USA.. Inc. l 'Capcom"! wjrur« to tfe otfjnai ion'.Lmff ma: thlt Ci^xcoi Gaire Pa* |PAK| |ro: (-«lud mg P» Aí<etvof*to< Re<Kit Atenme '.r>all br fr« lio-n <lef«l I'I mjlt'.jl divj wofkmdnstyp toi ¿ pfmxl Ol 90 days Ircr. date Ol purchaie i' o dr'c<t cowed fcy tl'i v/avancy occuri djflfV) th.5 90d.iy w.Tfanty pe'ic>d. Cap COín w/ fepa*' !>• <*f>W """" WK, M ití OptiOrt. Irce o(

C'MtQi ro tKfivf mis waraoty vrvke

I. DO TOI return 2t OrlKir.v Game Pak to et*

? Nötily l'if Capcom Conyjmet S«Wi(i Orp¿r(**r-n Ol the p-ct4r.-n rtwmij vvjrrjnty jeivue Oy c-fllng: OjI-Mt Calfocma S*ate |8CO; 843 4632. o< IrmVr Calilo-nía State call. |403) 74S-7C6I Our comu(r<r Service Depai.-^ri; r%in cpefaüsn Irom800 A V 10 í 00P.W

PairfK Time. Vonday IhrotAJI' »rjjy

3. if t'-e C»p<om je'vice t«mv<:<*i nuivioie to the prot>i«i^ by pficne. he wii provide yco w<ii 4 '«um Ajt/io.'i7J<«xi ni/mber. Sirrply mcfd tMs rumfcer on ine cixsKle parkaging 01 yai.f detective PA'<. and retuvi your PAK liftiyn piepaid. M yom nik Ol <1 Jm-jge. toqether witi yco- :orej mp o<- iim-,v pioo'-of-purchase witnm the 90day wjwranty per.od to Capcom U.S.A.. Inc.

Ccwvsumer Service Department IJ8}< lAoiXilAfi VK-Ä.'A V.-V) «oaa Su«-in)v¿le. CA Tnii w^'fM'ily itv« rxil appV >f I'" WK C-eefi .Wir^d fcy neqlvqence. unre«30n£fcle uie. moddittton.

wcrperiog. or ty other cauiei unrelated to delenivr material! or v/orfcmantlip


II the PAK develcpi a problem jfler U\r W'Jjy w-vr«nly petKsd. you irvjy coH*t Wie Cdpcom S*«v<e

Opjrl'ne/i( at fie plxn* rxiiert alxr^ ir tne C^p-

<om Vit vice («linKiar» is unabie to »K* ine p'OWem r,-y pfiwie. I* mxy orßviüe with a Reiurn Aixhor>?aeion rwmter V»ij may thefl record :hü Rumöef on tne onivae pack^jcvg of ihr Cetecf/e F>»X arm '«um ihr defecti'/e Pi»X rrelgfc prenaifl to Capcom. entlosng a check or ironey o-öer to- 5)P.CO pjy^ölr to Cjptom US A.. l'K Capcom wil. .1: r.s optico. to 11* coodtwi <<ka<-. :tp«r W>e PAK o' repljce t wi:h j new m rrpared f>\K. II repi^imex f»\KJ jre n« jk-ailjbe. trirdelettiw WK vwl>r rtarned

¿ncj tue SIO 00 p^ymen; re^i-oijed WAR8ANTY HMITATIOiJS:

AW APPLKTAEIE IMPLIED tt'ARRANTJES. INCIUD1VG WAKRANTES OF MERCH/WW8UTY AND HINtSS FO«! A FARTKXILAR FUVPOiE. ARE HtRt8Y UMIIED TO MNETY DAYSFROM THE UATE Or PURCMASE AND ARl SUlUiCT ro THE CONDINONS Sir fO»!H K£«£IS' IN NO IV[\T SHAIL CAPCOM Bt UAÖlt IOR CONSEOUENT.'AL OR INClWNWl [W^AGCS«f«ATWGfKO»/ TMf BRtACHOf AWY fxf*m OR IMPlIEO WARffANTlfS The pravWons of thls w.vrjrty are vaia n th< Lfr«t<d Sutej oniy Some Kat« do noc allow Wnta-.icos on how long on Krpled wa-ranty laiti or euftjston ol cciieQv-ntMi or .o:KJe"tal da'njgej. 10 tiie Afcove limraliix» «nd nt'JHjn rmy r« apply to jou TM> w-rwCy ty.r-, >w ip«iln ir^H 'ight J. ■*■<!) you mir/ alM> n^f OW r»/il$ Wfinh vaiy frötn «aw to >wte

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