Hitting the Road Scene

The Ghostbusters careen through the Tenements on the way to the Courthouse, performing a slime patrol of the city streets. There's plenty of action here — in fact, it's one big supernatural traffic jam.

The control pad maneuvers the Ecto-IA:

Move up a lane

Slow down I j^j I Speed up

Move down a lane A Button: Fires slime blower or any other weapon you pick up B Button: Jump

Of Globs, Logos, Manholes, and Arrows

You begin the scene with the lives you have remaining from the previous scenes. You can see how many you have left by checking the number under the Ecto-lA icon in the lower left corner.

Fire at the ghosts, and swerve out of the way of the red slime they're firing at you. If you touch a ghost or get slimed, that's one car down. Press A to shoot, and use the up or down arrow keys to change lanes.

Leap over the barricades, or veer around them. If you crash into one, you'll lose valuable time and speed. Press B to jump, and use the up or down arrow keys to change lanes.

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