When you shoot, your fire goes in two directions simultaneously: straight in front of the car, and up into the air. Floating above are glowing green globs. If you hit one, a bonus medallion that gives you different power-ups falls to the ground. You must touch the medallion to get the power. Check the message area to see which ability you now possess.

There are ihree different power-ups: A slime-resistent shield (lasts temporarily)

A more powerful weapon with two levels of increased fire: the red blast has a long range, and the yellow blast is a far-shooting ray (lasts permanently until slimed)

A smart bomb that can blow up everything on the screen (one time only) Logos

As you did in the Van Home stage, aim for the Ghostbusters II logos (they carry over from one stage to another). When you've hit 20 logos, you earn an extra life. You can see how many you've hit by checking the number in the lower left corner under the Ghostbuster II logo.

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