If Libby bags a torch out of the sky, she can aim her torch fire to the right or left. Press the up arrow key to aim to the right, and the down arrow key to aim to the left. Once she's slimed, though, she loses this aiming ability until she shoots down another torch. libby's a tough old gal — she can sustain a lot of sliming. Hut if the ghosts touch her, she's history. The message area will tell you when Libby's done for, and she'll disappear below the waves or the skyscrapers.

The Book's a Bomb

Libby starts off possessing a book (though you can't see it), which has the power to clear all the ghosts out of the sky. You can save it and use it at any time. Press B to set it off. After setting it off once, she has to shoot down another book to be able to do it again.

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