The Story of the Sacred

The black clouds swirled over the heads of the chosen ones. Your had come this far, but only two could continue. The portal to their deadly challenge awaited. Foreboding screams rose up from the Gauntlet.

Morak the Evil One cackled in ¿flee as he watched the intrepid warriors prepare to enter his most terrible Gauntlet. He knew they would never reach their goal. Ihe Sacred Orb would remain forever imprisoned at the lowest level of the Gauntlet. Without the Sacred Orb, Morak knew the mortals that inhabited Rendar would be helpless against his evil magic.

Morak bad plundered the lands and bidden bis booty in the Gauntlet. He garrisoned bis henchmen in the Gauntlet to guard it. There were ghosts, grunts, demons, soreerors, and even incarnations of death himself.

But could the Sacred Orb be in the Gauntlet < No mortal knew for sure. If nothing else, the warriors could retrieve the treasures ofRendar that Morak had plundered and stored in the Gauntlet, if only all four warriors could all continue, on this, the last leg of their quest. Alas, the portal only allowed passage of two mortals.

The warriors need your help. Choose from among them the wo that shall continue: Become Thor the warrior, Tbyra the valkyrie, Merlin the wizard or Questor the elf.

The fate of Rendar is in your hands.


CONTROLLER 1 for playing alone. CONTROLLER 2 for second player in 2 player games.

Note: You can reset the game by pressing all four controller buttons at the same time (SELECT, START, B and A).

A Butian: You slxiot. B Button: You detonate tomb

Note: Control Pad also selects direction to shoot if the shoot button is pushed (A button).


Use control pad to move into enemies to automatically fight them.

Control PaC

Control PaC


Moves the Characters





Press this button during the Title screen to display the game Menu Screen. If the game is showing a ganicplav demonstration, then press START button twice.

SELECT BUTTON Press this button during the Menu Screen to select either I or 2 player game. START BUTTON

Press this button during the Menu Screen to advance to the Player Selection Screen. CONTROL PA1)

Press any of four directions on the control pad to select any of the four characters. A BUTTON

Press this button to start the game AFTER selecting a character with the control pad. In a 2 player game, BOTH players must select characters and BOTH players must press the A buttons to start the game.

Password Entry Sera» Player Sclcct Scrcai


If you wish to interrupt play in the middle of a game, press the Start button. The game will stop, and the screen will change to the Pause Screen. Press the Start button again when you wish to continue playing. The screen will change back to the maze, and the game will continue where you left off. PASSWORD ENTRY

Intermediate and advanced players may want to write down the password given to the player in the pause mode. This password may Ik entered at the beginning of a game to start the game after the last treasure room you successfully completed. You get the same character back with all the same treasure, maximum power, keys, bombs, and extra abilities. See the Manual section on "POWKR" to learn more about treasure rooms.

How to enter Password: Press START to get menu screen. Press SEI .IX T to choose one or two player. Press and Hold the A Button while pressing the Start button. I'se the left/right control pad to move to the cursor. Use the l"p/down control pad to choose a letter. Press the A button when the password is complete. If you correctly enter the password, then the game will start where you left off. If you do not enter the password correctly, then the game goes to the Player Select Screen. The highest room number you can start with using a password is 79.


Shoot the enemies to stay alive and find the exit to the next room.

One Player:

Here the player can collect all the food and treasure tor himself, but without the firepower of a second player, a lot of skill is needed to survive. Keep playing to develop your capabilities. Two Player:

Here the players have the advantage of the extra firepower of a second player. Strategy and planning become important as the players attack each room. Team Play: I lere you cooperate with each other. Tactics become important since enemies are attracted to the closest player. One player can stand safely on one side of a wall from the enemy and attract them while the other player goes around and shoots them from a distance without attracting them. Players also share food and treasure to stay healthy. Competition:

Here it is every man for himself. Use your unique abilities to collect all the treasure and food for yourself. Block passageways with your body and force the other player to fight through the enemy. In some rooms your shots can stun or hurt each other. You can make up games like competing to get the most treasure in the first 19 rooms.

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