[ Players

GAME A can also be played with two players.

*One player is the hunter. The other player controls the ducks horizontally and vertically with the control pad, trying to avoid the hunter's shots until the sky color changes. (Ducks automatically escape when the sky color changes.)

GAME B (Duck Hunt)

In this game, two ducks fly up at the same time.

"The game is played in the same way as GAME A, but the color of the sky doesn't change.

* This game can only be played with one player.

GAME C (Clay Shooting)

This game is a version of trapshooting.

* Clay pigeons spring out and fly away in the distance two at a time. Aim carefully, and shoot them.

* The clay pigeons become small very quickly as they fly away. It is easier to shoot them when they are close.

* As in GAMES A and B, a PASS LINE indicates the minimum count necessary to advance to the next round. The game ends if the minimum is not achieved.

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