How To Use The Controller

Dragon's Lair is a 1 and 2 player Game Pak Push up or down to highlight a selection. Push to change the highlighted option. Push to begin the game with the chosen options. Push rapidly to float on the Dragon's Breath Push to jump and throw weapons at the same time. Push down to assume a crawling position.

The Hall of the Grim Reaper

If Dirk makes it out of the Gold Mines alive, he must next find the correct Elevator exit for Level 3, the Hall of the Grim Reaper. This level is fxdl of dangerous collapsing floors and moving platforms which make Dirk's progress very difficult. There are also many deadly floating skulls and treacher-ous swinging wall pendulums that block his way. Even if Dirk is clever enough to survive this peril-ous Hall, he must still defeat the dreaded Grim Reaper before continuing on his journey.

The Elevator Shaft

After Dirk has cleared the Entrance Hall level and his gold bonus is added up, the screen ivill shift to the Elevator Shaft. The platform Dirk is standing on will descend deep into the castle stopping at different floors. To find new and unexplored parts of the castle, Dirk must choose the correct exit from the Elevator. Once he jumps off the Elevator platform and enters a level, he can not return to the Elevator until he clears the appropriate level. Therefore, if he chooses incorrectly he...