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If you lose a battle and push RESET tostart over, you'll retain the items. Gold and weapons you had when you last saved the game. But if the King revives you, half your Gold is gone!

visited the King.

Battle Techniques

You should always weigh your need for Experience Points and Cold against your chances of success when confronted with an enemy. If your I IP is low and you're far from an Inn or have no Herbs, the RUN option during battle is a smart move. At other times you'll want to preserve your strength for a difficult battle. Using RUN to avoid enemies before a critical battle will help keep your HP at maximum.


Many enemies have some weak points, either they can be put to sleep using the SLEEP spell, they are slow (so you can run from them} or perhaps magic doesn't work against them, in which case you shouldn't waste MP casting spells at them. 1 he chart of enemies on the poster included with Dragon Warrior lists these important facts.

Use SLEEP against Skele- Don't to tons. Attack them when they are asleep for an easy victory.

Like you, enemies have a limited numbei of Hit Points. See the chart of enemies on the poster todeterminethe maximum HP of each enemy. Keep track of how many Hit Points an enemy loses for each attack during a battle and you'll have a good idea hew much HP that enemy has left. If your foe has more HP than you, maybe you should use the RUN command.

Buy several Torches at the Item Shop In the town of Brecconary. Use the Torch from your Item list once you enter the dark cave. A srnaH patch of light wilt surround you, allowing you to explore the maze.


Later in the game you won't have to worry about running out of Torches, because you'll have the spell of RADIANT. This spell creates a patc h of light, like a torch, so you can see in an underground labyrinth.

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