This Game Consists of Three Screens

1 Hallway Screen

The screen shows the hallway lined with doors to each room. The house has three floors and a basement. There is a stairway from the first floor to the second. If you need to go to the third floor, or to the basement, you have to find another way to do it.

If you want to enter the room, push up on button in front of the door.

2 Room Screen

This screen indicates the location of the room. The room consists of four panels of East, West, North and South. When Michael enters the room, the hand (icon) appears. You can move the icon by pushing button c} i . If you try to move the icon beyond the edge of the screen, it changes the direction it faces. Select COMMAND by moving button up and down, while pressing button B. Push button A to activate commands.

On the Room Screen, you have to find weapons, medicines for Michael to recover energy, and entrances

to the warp zones. When a monster jumps out of an open door, Michael is automatically thrown out into the hallway, where he has to fight the monster. (He cannot go back to the room once the battle starts.)

3 Warp Screen

In the rooms, you can find hidden entrances to the warp zone. There are more monsters on the warp screen than on any other screen and they are stronger than any of the other monsters in the game.

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