How To Play

How to Power Up

Throughout most stages you will see numbered Pods. Collecting Pods will allow you to increase your Power-Up Items. Collect Pods until the Power-Up Item you wish to increase is flashing. Then press the Select Button to activate the Item.

NOTE: Some Power-Up Items may be increased more than once.


A quick burst of 'Increases your speed for higher RPMs maximum speed

'Increases the rate 'Allows you to and changes the fire missiles direction of fire

Provides your boat with a forcefield for a limited time

:0:fif7 WFGM •-«ws;M»MM OllOOOj riij2 k}9 i I üii.'U

Speakers: sound a danger warning


Time remaining

Energy meter

Number of lives remaining


• NOTE: Can be increased more than once.

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