How To Play In The Graveyard

The diXfrrtufe revolves dfou'X) tough-asTrevor Befmont. As fw, you will frxl several locations throughout your journey where the road forks (sorry, no spoons J in two Arecoons On these Paths of Fate you must rrwfce a choice—Which way do you go. George? V/hich way do you go?

The spirits and the enemies you encounter, and your fate itself, will be determined by the path you choose. So try and remember your Cub Scout Days and give it your best shot You will encounter three different spirits throughout the game, each with special talents that can be used accorrtng to the situation at hand. Each spirit is waiting for Trevor ir> a different place, so keep your eyes peeled at all times

When you finally meet a spirit, he will join you in your quest to crush the Count. (See page 13 fix details on how to transform into partner spirits !

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