How To Control Your Transylvania Team

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Press Left or Right to move characters to the left or the right Press Up or Down to omo up or down stairs


Press to jump


Press to select Press to oegn the

Opening. Password game and so pause or Continue Also the action during press to transform the game ¡oto a partner spirit


Press to attack with your Main Weapcn Also press the Control Pad Up and the 8 Button simultaneously to attack with a Warakiya War Item currently displayed m the WaraKrya W.«r Item WirxkAv


Press and hold thp Control Pad toward the wall you want Grant to cling to Then press the Control Pad m the direction you want him to move ar*1 he will cbmh like crazy NOTE: Depending on how hard you press the A Button, you can vary the height of Grant's leaps <v>d bounds


Press the Control Pad Down and the A Button simultaneously to transform Alocard mto a winged rodent... for tliose of you who aren't Biology Wizzes. that means a Bat (Repeat this procedure to humanrze him |

Warakiya War Item Window

Warakiya War items will appear in this window

Remaining Lives

"D-evor's/ Partner Spirit's Life Gauge

Your frfc gauye decreases each time ycu bump mto an ewi enemy or are hit by an evil enemy s attack weapon. When you» life Gauge rum out. you're history for Should I say "toast? !

Ultimate Evil's Life Gauge

Each time you successfully attack an Ultimate Evil his Ufe Gauge will decrease. When his gauge runs cut. he is banished forever into ihe Land of Linitx> Sprits

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