Boosting Your Power and Your Confidence

lo boost your power, grab the item that appears after you have blown out a candle or lantern, or after you haw defeated an evil enemy


Ke-vi through the complete message, then press the Start Button and tfie title screen with the words OPENING and PASSWORD will appear Use the Select Button to choose one of these messages. then press the Stan Button to enter your selection.

I? you are playing for the first time or want to start from the beginning of the game, setect OPENING A screen will appear for you to enter you-' name,

To enter ycor name use the Control Pad to f»ne-up (he cursor with the letters in your name Press the A Button to enter each of tf ie letters. Press the 8 Button to cancel a letter if you goof You can also replace or change letters by moving the cursor to tne Arrow Symbol on the Letter Shept and then pressing the A Button to irsove the cursor cn the Name Window Next, use the Control Pad and tf ie A Button to make your changes. Conclude tf ■<: name entry stage by selecting "Encf' and pressir»g either the A Button or the Start Button.

II you a/e continuing a previous game select PASSWORD FhP name screen will appear for you to enter your name just as you cfcd for the previous game You must enter the identical name as the last time you played or the password won't work. When the password screen appears, enier the password that you rece'rved in tf ie previous gamp. Now you're ready to begin playing from the beginning of the Terror leve! where you !ast finished. (For more details, see Password Instructions on page 10.1

When the Game Ends

When the game is over, you can continue your war against Drac by choosing CONTINUE with tf ie Select Button. This allows you to start the game again from the Terror level where Trevo< last perished

To end the game, choose PASSWORD with the Select Button. Next, press tf ie Stan Button and your password wiil appear. Be Sure to write your password down for safekeeping

Turning the Spooky Sound Effects On and Off

Press both the A and B Buttons and the Start 8utton s.-mu)tar>eousJy when the title screen is displayed and the sound mode screen will appear. Here you can choose the eer:e background music you want to listen to dunng your adventure

Press the Control Pad Up or Down to select your background music (press Down to go forward and Up to go backward). Press tfie 8 8ulton and your favorite tune will begin playing. You can turn The music off by pressing tf ie A Button When you are through making your selection, press tfv Start Button to return to the title screen

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