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When you piay the BIG SIX MONEY WHEEL. ROULETTE, or BLACKJACK, you will use a chip •ray to make your bets and to make your own change

Each chip tray has 2 columns of S100. $25. $10.55 and $1 chips and each column can hold 16 chips.

You can have up to 32 chips of each denomination in your chip tray. If you have more than 32 S100 chips, you will not be able to see all of them n their designated column in the chip tray. If you drop below 32 $100 chips, you will see them begin to disappear from their column.


If you win when playing Blackjack, the Money Wheel or Roulette, the word WINNER flashes along with the amount of money you have won for that particular round of piay. The amount that is flashing does not include the amount of your bet for that round, which is also returned to you.


If you run out of $1 chips, move the pointer over to the $5. $10 or $25 columns and press the A button when the pointer is resting on the chip of your choice. When you have a chip attached to the end of your pointer, move the pointer back to the S1 column and press A again. If you have taken a chip from one of the $5 columns, you will now have five $1 chips, If you have taken a chip from one of the $10 columns, you will now have ten $1 chips and so on.

Or. if you like, you may also move one of your $1 chips over to one of the $10 columns and press A. This will change ten of your $1 chips ¡nto one $10 chip (assuming you had at 'east 10 $1 chips).


On the Ie1t side of the chip tray is a portion of a check. Move the pointer on top of the check and press A. You will see your ■/•■innings displayed like the check you see below. Press A agam to return to game screen.

If you p'efer. you may also press START to display the check.


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