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TO BET: Place the pointer on top of one of the chips you wish to bet. Use the pointer to move the chip you want to bet to the BET square and press A to release the chip. Re-pressing the A button will automatically move up more chips of the same dollar value as the chip you most recently placed in the BET square. Holding down the A button will move the chips up more rapidly, or "auto-repeat* your bet. For example, if you move a $1 chip up to the BET souare and press A five times, you wrll increase your bet to five $1 ch ps.

THE DEAL: When you are satisfied with the amount you have bet. move the pointer up to the large CP where the word "deal" is flashing and press A The Dealer will now deal you two cards.

TO HIT: After you have received your first two cards you may opt to take a "hit", or "stand". If you would like another card, oress the A button to the right of your hand where the word "hit" is flashing. From this position, you may press A to receive as many additional cards as you want. Remember, your goal is to get as dose to 21 as possible without going over. If you do bust (go over 21). the Dealer will take your bet. Your cards will remain on the screen until you press A to start the new deal.

TO STAND: Whenever you are satisfied with the point total of your hand, move the pointer to the BET square where the word "stand" is flashing and press A.

BLACKJACK: If your initial two cards total 21 (any Ace with a 10. Jack. Queen, or K;ng). you have a Blackjack or a "natural' If both you and the Dealer have Blackjack, it is a standoff or "push". A Dealer's Blackjack (two-card point total of 21) beats a Player's three card po<nt total of 21. A winning Blackjack is paid 3 to 2 (or 1 5 times the amount of your bet).

SPLITTING PAIRS: If your first two cards have the same numerical value you may split them into two hands. You may also split any two of the following into two hands: 10. J. Q. K Only after the first hand is played and competed may you play on the second hand. If the split pair are Aces, you are limited to a one card hit on each hand When you sp'it a pair, a Blackjack pays off the amount of your original bet only and not 1.5 times your bet

TO SPLIT A PAIR: If you would i ke to split a pair, move the pomter to where the word SPLIT is flashing on the nght side of the screen and press the A button. The bet on the second hand will automatically be placed and is equal to the original bet.

DOUBLING DOWN: When your first two cards total 10 or 11. the word DOUBLE will flash on the left side of the screen When the flashing DOUBLE appears, you may elect to wager an additional amount equa to the value of your original bet.

When you double down, you are allowed to draw only one additional card.

TO DOUBLE DOWN: If you would like to doub>e down, move the pointer to the DOUBLE square and press the A button.

INSURANCE: It the Dealer's face up card is an Ace. you may elect to take insurance after the initial deal. The insurance bet is a wager that the Dealer has a Blackjack. In other words, you are betting that the Dealer's lace down card will be a 10. Jack. Queen, or King. It will cost you one-half of your original bet to buy insurance. If the Dealer has a Blackjack, your original bet and your insurance bet will be returned to you. Insurance bets pay 2 to 1 if the Dealer has a Blackjack, but lose in ail other instances If the Dealer doesn't have a Blackjack, he will take your insurance bet and you will play out your hand as usual, hitting or standing, as you wish.

TO BUY INSURANCE: Move the pointer to the INSURANCE line at the top of the screen and press the A button.

TO START A NEW DEAL: At the end of each hand, the cards will remain on the screen for you to examine. After you have studied the cards, press A anywhere on the card table. Now you are ready to begin betting on the new hand.

TO EXIT: You may exit to the main casino floor after your hand has been played by pressing Seiect.

MAXIMUM BET: The maximum bet for Biackiack is $10,000 (or $20,000 if you spJit your hand or Double Down on your bet.)

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