Gun Energy Gauge

Appears only when Jason is out of his vehicle. You can increase gun ammo by catching gun capsules. Your gun power will be decreased by hits from the mutants. You can earn 4 ammo units by catching a flashing capsule. The Menu Screen can help you to confirm what weapons you have and to choose your weapon options. Weapons and Vehicle Functions will appear in the Menu Screen after they have been earned. A new weapon or function will be earned after destroying the Mutant Boss in each level.


To reach stage 8, you must return to stage 2, then go to stage 3. The door to stage 8 is in stage 3. You must discover, on your own. where these Mutant Bosses are. But we cannot show you the Master Boss in stage 8. He is most powerful of all. Stage 1 Earn the Hyper by destroying the Mutant Boss in stage 1. The Crusher will fortify your cannon for beating the enemy blocking the exit to stage 2. Stage 2 Earn Crusher by destroying the Mutant Boss in stage 2. Hyper will fortify your cannon for...