How To Begin

Blades of Steel consists of three grueiing periods laced with non stop action. Use the SELECT Button to choose either (11 or |2J player mode, then hit the START Button.

One Player Mode: If only one player takes the ice, you'll face off against tough computer competition. Begin by pressing the SELECi Button for "Exhibition" or "Tournament" play. Press A Button to lock on your selection.

Next, use the SELECT Button to decide on one of three challenging levels-Junior (for beginners}, College (for intermediate) or Pro (for advanced). Lock on your choice with the A Button.

Finally, press the SELECT Button to choose the team you wish to captain, and again locJc on with A Button. Then select the team name for your computer opponent by repeating this step.

Note: If you've chosen the Tournament mode, the computer will automatically select the opposing team. At the conclusion of the Tournament selection process, hit the START Button to display the pairings.

Two Player Mode: If you're challenging a friend, you both pick a team using the SELECT Button, locking on with the A Button. In two player mode you cannot select Tournament play or Level.

If for any reason you want to change your selections in either mode before the game begins, hit the B Button to repeat the process.

When all decisions are final, press the A Button to bring the teams onto the ice for a stick slashing good time?

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