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This eBook teaches you the real secret to winning at Blackjack, and that secret is NOT counting cards. Counting cards actually does not give you any more than a 2% advantage AT MOST. There is a much better way to make money playing Blackjack, and this eBook outlines this carefully tested method. This system gives you a few basic rules to follow so that you will be able to have a Blackjack Sixth Sense. You will be able to identify the hot tables, and play with only a little bit of money. You will be able to tell what you should bet at any given time, according to different winning or losing streaks that you are having. You will also learn when you should just avoid the table where you are, and avoid losing money. This system focuses on giving you the best returns possible, while minimizing how much you can lose! Read more here...

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I started using this ebook straight away after buying it. This is a guide like no other; it is friendly, direct and full of proven practical tips to develop your skills.

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Blackjack Sniper

This software is a powerful tool that gives you access to all the money in blackjack that you need. This software counts cards, allows you to bet on 5 hands at the same time, and tells you what to bet or when to fold. You can get up to 4-5 hands of pure profit from this tool! Online blackjack is normally an unbeatable game But not anymore! This software is continually updated to keep online casinos from finding out about it, and you can even take measures like limiting how much you win at any given time to keep the casino from suspecting anything. This software was a two-year development project, which was continuously bug-tested and tried to make sure that it was totally ready for everyone. And now it is! Acting now, you can get this software before anyone else has access to it, and win big money just playing games! Read more here...

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Blackjack is the casino's most popufar card game. This game was adapted from a version of the French game vingt-et-un, of 21 . HOW TO PLAY BLACKJACK The two Blackjack tables are located in the lower left corner of the casino. Watch your step Move the pointer to the table of your choice and press the A button.

At The Playing Screen

BLACKJACK If your initial two cards total 21 (any Ace with a 10. Jack. Queen, or K ng). you have a Blackjack or a natural' If both you and the Dealer have Blackjack, it is a standoff or push . A Dealer's Blackjack (two-card point total of 21) beats a Player's three card po

Chip Trays

When you piay the BIG SIX MONEY WHEEL. ROULETTE, or BLACKJACK, you will use a chip ray to make your bets and to make your own change If you win when playing Blackjack, the Money Wheel or Roulette, the word WINNER flashes along with the amount of money you have won for that particular round of piay. The amount that is flashing does not include the amount of your bet for that round, which is also returned to you.

Black Jack Tactics Conquering The Game In Casinos

Black Jack Tactics Conquering The Game In Casinos

So, you want to learn how to play Blackjack. Youre in good hands. There is no better ship to chart those learning waters than the one youre riding on right now.

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