Gasscr - A puff of truly smelly gas that is sure to leave you breathless

Sucka — Like a fancy food processor, it drags you into its spinning blades and turns you into ground 'toad-meat

Big Ball — Once it gets on a roll, it can knock you right on your toad-butt. Get ready for a vigorous game of dodge ball.

Spike Ball — Revolving around the dreaded Tower of Shadows, this orb has been known to really stick-it to intruders.

Snotball — You'll need more than a tissue to clean-up this goo since it clings to the roof and floor, waitm' to slime you.

Snowballs — A blizzard that's guaranteed to send a cold shiver down your 'toad-spine.

Ice Spikes — Unless you're fast on your green feet, these falling frozen daggers make you feel like a pin cushion.

Retro-Blasters - Smash out of walls and fire lethal bolts of energy. Short-circuit them by using the BT Bashing Ball.

Electro Zap - With 2.000 vote of 'toad-frying electricity between them, they glide across the screen at shocking speed.

Swellcheeks — A rather windy individual guarding the Tower. Hang on. or you'll become a sky-divin' 'toad.

Also featuring the following:

Logs — Floating along the rwer at rap<d speed, this treacherous timber can't wait to smash your Space Board and turn you into tiny toad bits.

Whirlpools — If these swift ssvirlers suck you mto their wake, your chances of survival will go right down the dram

Spikeback - Stumble onto their spike-covered armor and you'll surely get the point.

Mines — Bob along the river, waiting to sink your chances of getting past.

Meteorites — A storm of fiery rocks headed your way. Get that Jet Turbo movin'!

Missiles — An explosive barrage that comes at you from all sides. Avoid them, or you're toadst.

Buzzball - The only way to shake loose of this humongous ball of kilter static cling is to out-leap it to the finish.

Shadow Clouds — Lurking in the shadows of the awesome Tower, they roll in to put an end to your mission.

Electro-Gaps — These electrifying little gaps between platforms can be a real shocker.

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