Battletoads Story

After her defeat by the Galactic Corporation at the battle of Cams Major, the Dark Queen and her renegade space troops retreat to the outer reaches of the universe, hiding out in the dark spaces between the stars.

Meanwhile, on board the spaceship Vulture. Professor T. Bird and the Battletoads — Rash. Ztu and Pimple — are escorting the Princess Angelica back to her home planet, where her father, the Terran Emperor, awaits her safe arrival.

Along the way. Pimple, the biggest Battletoad. takes Angelica out for a cruise in the Toadster to a nearby Letsure Station

Pimple and Angelica bum space, but the Dark Queen ambushes them before they can get there. Luckily, Pimple manages to send out a distress signal before the Toadster e gobbled up and earned away to Ragnarok's World, the Dartc Queen's planet...

So. there's the Situation, 'toad: the Dark Queen's kidnapped the Princess Angelica and your best buddy Pimple — what're ya gonna do about it?!

You're gonna get real MAD. that's what you're gonna do — and then you're gonna get EVEN!

Professor Bird's gonna set you down on Ragnarok. but from there it's up to you. You've got a long way to go. toad, thru ice and fire and nightmares so terrible you don't even want to imagine 'em — thru a monstrous Gargantua and ultimately to the Tower of Shadows, where the Dark Queen awaits you.

Have you got the guts, 'toad? We'll soon see. one way or another. ..

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