Even though BATMAN successfully destroyed the Chemical Factory, he is caught in a trap and dropped into an underground conduit. Underground Conduits I and II are a network of sewers connecting all Of GOTHAM CITY. Here, BATMAN must find the secret exit, the underground Cavern. The water flowing through the conduits generates power for the Underground Station in the Cavern. When BATMAN finds the exit, he must defeat The Electrocutioner who is waiting, to advance to Stage 4.

THE JOKER S other hideout, the Laboratory Ruins, is a contaminated, deserted laboratory. As BATMAN enters the Research Laboratory he sees an array of futuristic life samples made by genetic engineering.

The next area BATMAN searches is the storage room, an almost empty warehouse with research engineering tools and equipment, energy conduits and power driving motors. Finally. BATMAN reaches the Thermal Processing Plant where a burning hot flame is used to process waste and refuse. The CAPED CRUSADER can now destroy the Dual-Container Alarm Boss and reach his final destination.

Batman Nes Firebug

The secret Transmitter leads BATMAN to his greatest challenge — The Cathedral. After climbing the dark narrow staircase to the Belltower, BATMAN is attacked by THE JOKER'S trusted bodyguard. Firebug, the boss of Stage 5. After eliminating Firebug, he is greeted by none-other-than THE JOKER, where he has his final battle.




Rush towards BATMAN



Shoots Fire Gun

K.G. Beast


Attacks with sword and "Shuriken"

The Enforcer


Flys with rocket back-pack and attacks with machine gun



He waits sitting and shoots BATMAN



His movement is slow, but his nail is sharp



He rushes at BATMAN



JOKER made this biological weapon to jump on BATMAN

Stage Function

Stage Function

Mobile Home Mine


Moving mine

Mobile Tracker


Rushes with accelerating speed at trespasser



Attacks with long spear

Drop Claw


It sticks to the ceiling and drops bombs

Rail Runner


It moves lett to right on a rail and attacks



Shoots like a cannon

Gluk t IvV


This industrial waste is a by-product of "DDID" nerve gas




Killer THE JOKER hired this assassin to attack Moth BATMAN by shooting fireballs.

3 Targets:

1. Electric current controller — when destroyed the movement stops and

Machine BATMAN can move freely over the

Intelligence otherwise moving pillar.

2. A cannon

3. The Nerve Center is awakened after the first two targets are defeated.

This Boss is a self-electrogenic man. the The strongest warrior on earth, who is capable Electrocutioner of transmitting a " Moon Attacker" (a 10 Mega-Giga volt killer beam) out of his arm.


Boss mMl

Function mMl


This Boss controls dual-container vehicles Dual-Container that can stop any intruder. In an

Alarm emergency, he is programmed to trigger fire bombs.

THE JOKER'S most trusted bodyguard wants revenge on BATMAN for personal reasons. BATMAN defeated his brother, so Firebug Firebug will stop at nothing to kill BATMAN. He can emit 600 million °C fireballs that will instantly dissolve anything into atomic pieces. He is definitely BATMAN'S most powerful enemy besides THE JOKER.



BATMAN is equipped with his punch at all times. Optional weapons to win:

Spear Gun To shoot a short pointed spear at the enemies

Used like a boomerang, it is designed Batarang to throw at the enemy and return to BATMAN


To shoot in 3 split directions, to beat enemies in a broad area

The player can earn each of the following three items only when he/she has defeated a certain enemy.

Bonus Item Item adds bonus points to score

Pellet Item Each pellet item earns 10 additional pellets when a certain enemy is defeated — 1. This pellet is BATMAN'S common offensive source for his three option weapons

2. Without the pellet item, BATMAN cannot use his weapons

3. The pellet consumption rate varies depending on the optional weapon the player is using.

Heart Item Item can regenerate 1 increment of BATMAN'S Life Power (see the Life Power Meter under BATMAN'S Power Life)


1. A double-row game-play indicator is provided at the upper left of the screen.

2. The Indicator shows:

Row 1:; ► Optional weapon(s) with the number of pellets available

► When Punch Weapon is only available, the indicator will show BATMAN in blue

► Press START Button to switch weapons

► Optional Weapons cannot be used without pellets

Row 2: BATMAN'S Power Life is in 8 increments ranwiWKMflr

BATMAN'S Power Life is shown on the lower row of the game-play indicator. He has 3 Power Lives. Each Power Life has eight increments. One increment is lost each time BATMAN is injured. When all eight increments are lost, BATMAN loses one of his 3 Power Lives. Number of lives available and score can be seen by pressing the Pause Button.

BATMAN, THE JOKER and all characters, phrases and indicia are Trademarks of DC Comics Inc. © 1989. All Rights Reserved.

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