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Bandai Golf: Challenge Pebble Beach with its beautiful seaside view, varying wind conditions, different club and shot selections is a super-realistic golf game that brings real golfing challenges to your NES. YOU can control the balls flight, direction and spin through different shot and club selections. The course has challenging geographical features including slopes, rises, bunkers, and water hazards (including an ocean)!

The game screen gives you both a bird's-eye view and a cross-sectional view of each hole, and both are displayed at the top of the screen. Two different close-ups are used for the greens and their surroundings. The accurate display of the course obstacles are vivid and real. Bandai Golf: Challenge Pebble Beach is a full 18 hole course for 1 or 2 players. Each player can input their individual handicaps and has the option of teeing off from either the back tee (for real pros) or the regular tee.

A Button B Button

START Button SELECT Button

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A Button: Push to enter selections, and continue to next hole, for select window to view close-ups of the green, push to hit ball:

(1) Start backswing.

(2) Start downswing.

B Button: Use in "Course" and "Shot" modes to return to select window.

Control Pad: Push up and/or down for tee, handicap, club, and 1-2 player selections. Push left and/or right to view course, select type of shot, select number column in "Handicap Mode," and to select ball direction.

Start: Push to begin game. Select: Not used.

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