The Struggle Continues

The l.ight and the Dark: two forces locked in an eternal struggle for domination. The two sides are led by the spell-casting Wizard and Sorceress, and championed by armies of mythical beasts and legendary heroes possessing incredible powers. They meet on a battlefield of light and dark squares. Creatures gain strength when occupying a square of their own color and lose strength when occupying a square of the opposing force's color. This positioning is crucial when the creatures confront each other for possession of the squares.

But that's not all. Some squares are Lumina squares—throughout the battle, these squares undergo a phasing of color, from light to dark, dark to light. This creates a constant change in the balance of power, the combatants' strength ebbs and flows as the squares shift colors beneath them.

It takes the plotting precision of a chess master combined with the lightning-fast reflexes of a gladiator to determine the outcome of this clash. The creatures move one at a time around the field, boldly challenging each other for possession of the squares. When they meet, they engage in one-on-one combat; only one emerges to claim the victory and the square.

The Ultimate Goal? The capture and control of the five power points- or— complete elimination of the opposite force

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