The Story Of Air Fortress

The people of the Planet Farmel. located in the center of the Cromat Galaxy, are just now developing their own high technology. They have developed a new type of spaceship called a Lightship, enabling them to travel to other galaxies. Now they have dispatched Space Frontier Exploration Fleets, to boldly go where no Farmellian has gone before.

But now their mission of peace has taken a grave turn. While scouting the Yubbert Galaxy, the Farmellian fleet has come across a group of eight huge space fortresses, living entities that survive by destroying and feeding on defenseless civilizations. The invading fortresses are now on a direct collision course with the orbit of Farmel. Receiving an urgent appeal from the Farmellian government, the Federation of Intergalactic Governments immediately dispatched a defense armada, but it was no match for the tremendous firepower of the newly discovered fortresses. In desperation, the government of Farmel has sent our hero, Hal Bailman, on a last-ditch mission to defeat the Air Fortresses and save the planet Farmei from certain destruction. The fate of Farmel hangs in the balance.

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