Enemy Holes

Grandpa will show you tlüs technique in Grandpa Rooms 2-3 and 2-4. Shooting an enemy twice will get it off the screen. Usually it will come back to its original spot in a few seconds, but there are exceptions. In this rxx>m, Lala has shot the Snakey once (Fig. 1). She shoots it again (Fig. 2) and puts a Framer over the spot where the Snakey was (Fig.3) A white square appears where the Snakey is going to appear, then the Snakey shows up (Fig. 4). If there is no Hnemy Hole, and you try this technique, you will just hear the sound of the Snakey disappearing. Experiment!

Fig. 2 She shix)ts the Egg once more.

Fig. 4 Snakey rea pi: here!

reappears over

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